Elastic Product Highlights can be used to bring attention to specific product features, for example new colors, discounts or technical details. The highlights will show up as a bubble in your chosen color next to the product image. 

Standard order mode: 

Quick Order Mode: 

Product highlights are created using your product tags. This means they will also act as a filter. In this example, the tag name is 'Status', and tag values include 'Active', 'New' and 'Carryover'. 

Elastic is able to show one highlight on the 3up view, and up to two in the 1up view. 

Even though product highlights are based on your product tags, product highlights are set up in the backend. The order of the tags is determined within Elastic as well. To get started with the product tags, decide if you wish to use existing tags or create a completely new set. After you've chosen the tags, RGB color value, tag display text and priority within your tags, you can open a ticket with the Elastic support team to get this feature set up.