The color filter in the View and Order pages on Elastic allows users to narrow down the catalog by a specific color. By clicking on a color in the swatch, products with that general color are returned. A general color is mainly used for filtering to make it easier for buyers and reps to create assortments and is different from a specific color name that a style might have.

Elastic supports the following general colors for display in the color filter swatch. General colors are set in a column in the Products file.  The base color name will display on hover over every color in the swatch.

Also keep in mind that base colors are case sensitive. "RED" "Red" and "red" will produce three different red options in the color swatch (and perhaps more importantly, will return three different filter results). We advise that only one casing convention be used. Uppercase, caps, or lowercase are all acceptable, but you should only use one. 


General colors that are not supported will simply show as a white box in the color filter swatch. Users will still be able to filter for these colors like normal.