Deprecate Dashboard Settings from previous version of UX

The dashboard configuration page has been updated to remove references to the old UX settings

You no longer need to save a Carousel image in order to save a dashboard

Contributing ticket(s): EPD-1603

Copy URL feature for Orders/Collections (will be finalized in .14)

A Recipe setting enables an option to generate a shareable link to an order or collection

For an order, user will be directed to the cart screen with a duplicate of the order from which the link originated

For a collection, user will be directed to the quick order or Standard Order View Catalog (based on settings) with Collection Filter applied

Contributing ticket(s): various tickets in EPR-1669

Modify Cart Cleanup logic to look for empty shipments

Cart Cleanup will now recognize empty shipments, as well as products with 0 quantity for automatic cleanup in an order

Contributing ticket(s): EPD-1592

Surface error message when order reaches 16MB Mongo DB limit

Orders that exceed the database limit will now trigger a warning to split the order into separate ones 

Previously, large orders that exceeded the limit would timeout without warning

Contributing ticket(s): EPD-1692

EPD-1620 - Deprecate Digital Market Product Export from CSP   

EPD-1704 - B2C mode: Add drop ship instructions on Desktop    

EPD-1589 - New portal endpoint to provision admin users and pass them to elastic admin    

EPD-1723 - Change Terms Code to Terms in updated Order Confirmation Email    

EPD-1780 - Clean up Latte conversions 

EPD-1603 - CSP - Deprecate Dashboard Settings from previous version of UX    

EPD-1588 - Update Admin Portal to add link for the Elastic Admin Portal    

EPD-1648 - Implement Recipe Setting: 'Group Applied Sales Program by Delivery'

EPD-1612 - Improve order link in Order Confirmation email

EPD-1669 - Scramble Error Modal for Handling for Deep Links    

EPD-1592 - Modify Cart Cleanup logic to look for empty shipments    

EPD-1600 - Recipe: Add setting to change 'Shop' verbiage to 'View' and implement the new setting    

EPD-1647 - Recipe: Create a setting to enable 'Delivery' text on Sales Program Summary screen    

EPD-1692 - Scramble: Surface error message when order reaches 16MB Mongo DB limit    

EPD-1579 - Skillet changes to display CCB Collection Cover Image

EPD-1694 - Skillet: Deliver valid error to Scramble when order reaches 16MB Mongo DB limit 

EPD-1445 - Skillet: Enable User to Export Sales Program Data as JSON

EPD-1183 - Upgrade Storybooks version

EPD-1609 - QA Cross Browser

EPD-1688 - Rogue Buttons from Personalize to Customize    

EPD-1687 - [beta] Confirmation email change    

EPD-1703 - Order output for multi-warehouse needs config change    

EPD-1730 - Showing 0 stock in all catalog

EPD-1733 - Product Tag filters do not return any results

EPD-1707 - BETA, uncomment out "available_on" in catalog_mapping.json    

EPD-1637 - Order output update, CustPOType    

EPD-1667 - Map 'available_on' in catalog_mapping.json

EPD-1732 - Modification in the order document    

EPD-1718 - Beta - add available_on to catalog_mapping.json

EPD-1750 - Available On date is not being imported

EPD-1682 - Enable ColorCode for features.csv    

EPD-1714 - Update order confirmation email text

EPD-1716 - Order output adjustment - order type

EPD-1066 - Import config changes

EPD-1677 - Order output - adjust field max characters    

EPD-1729 - Updates to allow for customer_tags file import

EPD-1767 - Confirmation email - Update sentence mentioning Sales program

EPD-1632 - Add order type field to order output

EPD-1154 - Wrong date displayed in order details and OO 

EPD-1706 - B2C Mode: Total value under cart displays negative 

EPD-1705 - B2C Mode:The discounts calculated value is wrong

EPD-1381 - Comments report does not take into account filters    

EPD-1124 - Campaigns_Search_Logic: The search results on campaigns (all the search boxes on campaigns) are not matching to the keyword given    

EPD-1045 - Currency symbol is not match with the selected customer in order history in the excel

EPD-1572 - Bulk Email Search does not work

EPD-1670 - Remaining translations