EPD-1615 - Need an explicit error message when UPSTREAM_ORDER_SUBMIT_URL is nil 

EPD-1537 - Allow Dealer to open orders when Rep is no longer associated 

EPD-1541 - Enable inventory visibility for users with the Documents Disabled restriction

EPD-1602 - Implement Scramble expected URL in Collection email

EPD-1464 - Link users directly to collection from NEW shared collection email

EPD-1552 - Translations for Notes modal

EPD-1544 - Modify Invoices view to support displaying multiple invoices for a single ERP Order

EPD-1543 - Modify Process ERP Orders to show unique line per status 

EPD-1514 - Multi-Brand Sites, Brand Level Links in Dashboard Widget Links 

EPD-1344 - Remove Client Name from Links Title Text

EPD-1281 - Translation: Dropship address validation modal

EPD-1542 - Update to Payment Terms display in Order confirmation email

EPD-1545 - Email logic for Rep Review orders 

EPD-1576 - Email Order Confirmation Summary

EPD-1529 - Scramble Response Handling

EPD-1561 - Configure partial_inventory import

EPD-1562 - Delete test orders from order history

EPD-1583 - Cleanup old order history 

EPD-1564 - Comment-out the "available_on" in catalog_mapping.json 

EPD-1573 - Order output code not changed in file header

EPD-1507 - Start order numbers at 10000

EPD-1527 - Spice change to rep_mappings.json & prices.json

EPD-1531 - Order Report header do not match the data

EPD-1614 - Clean up Latte conversions

EPD-1565 - Clean up Latte conversions

EPD-1586 - Orders failing submission in PROD

EPD-1621 - Collection sharing broken

EPD-1521 - Order output adjustment - add a space instead of semicolon and line breaks  

EPD-1571 - Divisional Restrictions not working

EPD-1568 - Features applying at product level though ColorCode provided

EPD-1549 - Change rep catalog permissions strategy

EPD-1605 - Sales program not applying in the checkout

EPD-590 - Shop Now button doesn't work on mobile device

EPD-1292 - Requested Ship Date not displaying in Order History

EPD-1581 - Added the notes for collections not for orders and orders got it added

EPD-1641 - "Export" option in Order Exception Screen not working 

EPD-1288 - Collection Builder paper size not respecting Recipe setting 

EPD-1339 - Welcome email link 'How do I reset my password' does not work

EPD-948 - Cannot delete shipments in checkout page, error appears in dev  

EPD-1577 - Collection Email: Products with no images are shown with very big image on the email  

EPD-1594 - Drop ship address: Other country's address should be recognized by SmartStreets

EPD-1639 - Drop Ship validation not working if brand has checkout fields 

EPD-157Z - Drop ship: No response after click "Save" when the address is not match

EPD-1355 - Duplicate product images

EPD-9 - Open Submitted Orders on the Cart page

EPD-1575 - Order share does not open due to error

EPD-1569 - Update icon on sales program page

EPD-1523 - Product Slider reverts to 1st product in catalog while loading 

EPD-1522 - Document Disable not working on User Import

EPD-1622 - Total_Price display issues