EPD-1035 - Add a close/cancel option on order type popup window

EPD-1321 - Add Available Text for Unrestricted Catalogs to Recipe Translations    

EPD-1171 - Whiteboard Print export missing alternate sizes

EPD-1094 - Campaign template design - unlock black bar for editing

EPD-1127 - Campaigns: Bulk Email Search (Skillet)    

EPD-1040 - Change the order of columns on the Order Confirmation PDF

EPD-343 - Changing Available text for Unrestricted catalog 

EPD-1327 - Temporarily disable the "Bulk Search" option in campaigns

EPD-1301 - Upgrade Node.js to version 18

EPD-1259 - Enable 360 image imports (object_movies)

EPD-1319 - BETA - adjust catalog_mapping.json and products.json (spice change)    

EPD-1379 - BETA, add output/builder.rb to spice (PR included)    

EPD-1340 - Run conversion on SoldToID & RepID for re-integration cut-over    

EPD-1224 - Add min and multiple to pumpkin spice products config

EPD-1363 - Add output/builder.rb to spice (PR included)    

EPD-1342 - Images are not being processed in the latest imports

EPD-1245 - Product Tag Filter flags not updating with import

EPD-1316 - PRD - credit cards submission resulting in blank screen

EPD-1274 - Headers addition in order_history    

EPD-1279 - Change to external price/inventory API call    

EPD-1260 - Confirmation email template

EPD-1263 - Add ShipToId to Rep Mapping pumpkin-spice    

EPD-1302 - First rep always being assigned in output

EPD-1294 - Add 'tracking_url' to order history import logic

EPD-1024 - OO rep code for dealer value incorrect

EPD-814 - "Recalculate Discounts" spelled wrong in the sales program page

EPD-1200 - Change to internal user product permissions 

EPD-1251 - Items not appearing in catalog, but do exist when search

EPD-729 -  Availability changed modal appears unexpectedly on Real Time Inventory check

EPD-971 - Missing Brand logo when exporting whiteboard

EPD-897 - Duplicate & Share with whiteboard attached- notes text issues

EPD-1314 - IAB unable to Assort, multiple errors in console

EPD-1289 - Campaigns: Grey Box appears on campaign details page    

EPD-1290 - Campaigns: Grey Box appears on campaign listing page

EPD-1337 - Metrics - Invalid Token between Scramble and Thoughtspot

EPD-1046 - Discrepancy in order exceptions export

EPD-1358 - Sort order utilized for the colors should match between the bottom and top half of the page

EPD-758 - PO Max ignored when order created from OLOF

EPD-873 - Whiteboard Errors out on Print Job

EPD-1343 - Whiteboard Errors out on Print Job - Disable gif upload