EPD-1221 - catalog_mapping by StockItemKey, add Available_On    

EPD-1193 - Add "min" and "mult" to pumpkin spice products config

EPD-567 - Do not link tracking numbers to carrier website

EPD-1158 - Add one columns to the contacts selection table    

EPD-233 - Remove the 25 product showcase limitation from Campaigns email

EPD-1228 - Update spice for catalog_mapping

EPD-941 - Add new order history fields 

EPD-1145 - Configure partial_inventory import    

EPD-1194 - users.csv file load/update for Payment is not working (OPP)

EPD-1064 - Bypass credit card at checkout requirement for $0 orders

EPD-837 - Bypass payment iframe when forbidden

EPD-649 - Campaign Button Redesign from Squared Buttons to Rounded Buttons

EPD-731 - Campaigns: Enhance Contact Search, Sort 

EPD-179 - Campaigns: Enhance Contact Search, Sort - Navigation

EPD-148 - Campaigns: Enhance Contact Search, Sort - Update Component

EPD-1272 - Addition in products.csv config

EPD-1273 - Addition in users import config

EPD-1229 - Order Output Request

EPD-1159 - Create component that has a text input and a dropdown    

EPD-944 - Add TikTok social media link to Campaigns email footer    

EPD-1033 - Add TikTok social media link to recipe

EPD-485 - Recipe settings for whiteboard sizing break downs

EPD-1052 - Change Alternative Images change from PNG to JPG

EPD-1275 - Revert changes to Regions in import logic

EPD-1186 - Recipe Setting: Tracking Number is not clickable

EPD-1175 - Recipe: Bypass credit card at checkout for $0 orders

EPD-626 - Add size or sku to orders report

EPD-615 - Documents Disabled User found back door to add quantities to Cart

EPD-1192 - Order PDF API Security
EPD-1215 - Order History Invoice PDF API Security

EPD-1044 - Client Field 'nz_customer_mapping' is not being imported in production

EPD-1249 - Order Exceptions screen showing when products are available 

EPD-841 - Orders not being sent to ERP or order_documents directory on the SFTP    

EPD-1151 - Order XLSX Export doesn't exclude quantities of zero

EPD-1148 - Incoherent visualization of upcharges in Order Confirmation email containing multiple shipments    

EPD-1180 - Order history- field quantity allocated is not visible    

EPD-1262 - Staging: after clicking place order button, exception appears

EPD-1135 - New Sales Program template, seeing import errors 

EPD-1282 - PRD - credit cards continue to fail due to AVS check

EPD-1295 - PRD - credit cards submission resulting in blank screen

EPD-1271 - Incorrect freight in Order Output

EPD-1043 - Incorrect freight in Order Output

EPD-1270 - Incorrect freight in Order Output    

EPD-44 - The product name is not displayed fully in the product view    

EPD-914 - Checkout page is not displaying a discount calculation when cart amount exceeds sales program amount

EPD-1266 - Disable 'Import a File' on Menu when user is set to 'Disable Order Creation and Submission=YES'    

EPD-1170 - Inventory for multi-warehouse users is not accurate on Order PDF Export    

EPD-688 - Sales program miscalculation when page level discounts are enabled

EPD-1103 - Orders not received in Sage

EPD-1226 - Order history: Add column "Supply-Date" to order history, date will be empty and error appears in console    

EPD-1210 - External ID SSO setup

EPD-1230 - Features not updating with import    

EPD-1227 - Regex not escaped properly when prefiltering sales programs    

EPD-1076 - Order output - Warehouse value is not correct

EPD-1196 - XSS rendering correction for shipment name display in order builder