EPD-858 - Rename endpoint to support displaying the products

EPD-1118 - Import image_renames.csv file

EPD-1016 - mport image_renames.csv file

EPD-306 - Duplication of columns related to product tags on order export XLSX

EPD-390 - Add Filters to Pending Elastic Orders tab

EPD-214 - Add Sales Program import snapshot

EPD-1089 - Include min and multiple value in pumpkin-spice configuration

EPD-942 - Add new order history fields - Recipe

EPD-940 - Add new order history fields - Scramble

EPD-1101 - Add new order history fields - Spice

EPD-800 - Cart price amount update after discounts are applied 

EPD-861 - Blind HTML injection to the admin panel via print jobs

EPD-655 - Bump and rack versions (skillet gem)

EPD-1036 - Campaign Sub/UnSub in User Preferences - Scramble

EPD-1037 - Campaign Sub/UnSub in User Preferences - Skillet

EPD-973 - Cart Summary distinct row based on columns added

EPD-1133 - Add columns to order_history in pumpkin spice 

EPD-895 - Update pumpkin-spice to match Talend file schema for product_custom_fields    

EPD-880 Store the sales program names as part of the document on final submission orders

EPD-1153 - Enable SSO in Beta & Production Environment - Skillet Ticket  

EPD-210 - Redesign User Preferences

EPD-209 - Remove global suppression from SendGrid when user re-subscribes in skillet

EPD-147 - Delete all images from CSP admin

EPD-1091 - Add Locked option to sales program import file

EPD-218 - Snapshot Currency on Elastic Order

EPD-515 - Update Forgot Password Modal Success Message

EPD-730 - Update to missing image report

EPD-1042 - Order History Invoice PDF API Security

EPD-1134 - Change to internal user product permissions

EPD-387 - When changing a shipdate to the past, quantities don't get updated

EPD-1025 - Orders updated by order history with multiple status don't get properly displayed

EPD-1113 - Allow orders in CAD currency to accept AMEX cc payment 

EPD-396 - Whiteboard export shifts elements off page

EPD-28 - 'Open from desktop' ELS import is errored

EPD-1128 - Beta - credit cards failing after AVS check adjustment

EPD-1131 - PRD - credit cards failing due to AVS check

EPD-1015 - PRD - credit cards failing due to AVS check

EPD-972 - Cart summary page- does not display all columns in drop down on a new order

EPD-1085 - Cart Summary: User able to add same column multiple times on ‘All Items’ and ‘Shipment’ tabs back and forth

EPD-1119 - Order output 'WH_Code' value is incorrect

EPD-781 Pending Order moves from Quick to Standard Order

EPD-1026 - Minimum purchase value is retaining different value than what is sent in products.csv  

EPD-1130 - Open from desktop backend api errors

EPD-652 - Missing Translation error for customer signup form

EPD-1165 - Staging: catalog import failures

EPD-1168 - Seeing an error while submitting/transferring the order

EPD-1050 - Custom discount error

EPD-1174 - Staging: order detail page could not launch

EPD-1173 - Staging: submit orders failure  

EPD-1095 - Staging: text filter does not work on Campaigns page and To section

EPD-1169 - Unable to open the transferred/submitted order

EPD-1164 - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'get')

EPD-1185 - XSS rendering corrections for collections and order list