EPD-1093 - Amend order output

EPD-968 - Bundles not displayed on front end

EPD-1008 - Delete all product images in BETA

EPD-1020 - Adjust pumpkin-spice mapping to Talend file

EPD-1018 - Order output- pumpkin-spice configuration

EPD-998 - Run conversion script on old-to-new SoldToIDs & RepIDs for ERP cut-over  

EPD-817 - Export PDF Remove hyphen from start of color code

EPD-801 - Add Net price after discount in PDF confirmation

EPD-1017 - Bust cacheing on version.json file in scramble

EPD-811 - Campaign Metrics - Scramble - Hide Opened

EPD-215 - Campaign UnSub Endpoint: API Calls

EPD-221 - Campaign UnSub Endpoint: Login and New Page - Scramble

EPD-217 - Campaign UnSub Endpoint: Modify SendGrid - Skillet

EPD-838 - Restrict Rep visibility by SoldTo and Brand

EPD-986 - Multiple values will not import with customer_custom_fields

EPD-987 - Include in import catalog_custom_field.csv

EPD-748 - Remove the dependent restriction on user campaign_groups

EPD-1013 - Revert the changes made for EPD-869

EPD-245 - Display message to user if campaign send fails

EPD-779 - Stored XSS in the name of collections

EPD-778 - Stored XSS in the tab name of builder page

EPD-1041 - Total Net Cost shown on line level on the Order PDF

EPD-862 - Username Enumeration via Forgot Password Functionality

EPD-1048 - Delete Order History for 1 customer

EPD-1063 - "Reset filters" will reset the catalog sort option to "catalog position" in "Build Order" page

EPD-992 - Catalogs import pulls in duplicate product images

EPD-1097 - Brand Logo is too small for the site in unsubscribe page

EPD-1010 - Beta - All automatic shipments defaulting same Start Ship Date from catalog data

EPD-836 - Order History shows incorrect currency

EPD-922 - Need to select add to cart twice on Chrome

EPD-1096 - Changing the Unsubscribe Link at the end of Campaign Emails to link to new URL for the Unsubscribe Endpoint   

EPD-541 - Reset Filters is changing the Sort Order from Catalog Position to Product Number    

EPD-1058 - Unable to visit 'Assort' due to error

EPD-1034 - Issue with order output

EPD-691 - Inventory Not Showing in the 'Cart' and 'What You Ordered' Screens 

EPD-1100 - Periodic version check 404 error in console

EPD-1030 - Replacing < character with native html character entity

EPD-805 OrderType not updating based off selection

EPD-481 Collections not sorting by brand controls