EPD-410 - 'Checking your Credentials' status screen is not displayed when LogIn Validate call is Pending

EPD-360 - Recipe settings for address validation

EPD-431 - Add Customer Selection Filter to Collection Screen

EPD-489 - Add Dealer ATS inventory cap selection to Order PDF selection screen

EPD-490 - Add Dealer ATS inventory cap selection to Order XLSX export screen

EPD-528 - Apply formatting to Collections screen based on customer preview 

EPD-809 - Change inventory strategy to cumulative 

EPD-782 - Campaign Metrics - Skillet - Hide Opened, Unique Opened, Opened Rate, Unique Open Rate in CSP  

EPD-824 - Enable bundle.csv import and bundle functionality

EPD-821 - Filter out retailer dashboards from Rep View based on plumriver claims

EPD-527 - Get List from Products Collections skillet query with Customer applied

EPD-770 - Add bundles.json to the spice config

EPD-681 - Order history - add new fields 

EPD-810 - Add new order history fields  

EPD-712 - Refactor Code related to Drop Ship Address 

EPD-754 - Delete users

EPD-576 - Add new order history fields

EPD-577 - Add new order history fields

EPD-872 - Validate Drop Ship Address Feature Post Code Refactoring (EPD-712) 

EPD-292 - Whiteboard not respecting multibrand logos

EPD-881 - Remove hard-coded logic to hide cancel date field in checkout 

EPD-783 - Sales Programs Imports Error - Memory Allocation Failed

EPD-734 - Cart-Detail screen showing true inventory totals not respecting ATS Label Max 

EPD-790 - Terms and Conditions showing an incorrect 2nd pop up

EPD-785 - Bulk order type not sent in order output

EPD-844 - Unchecked Sales program , discounts still display and calculated

EPD-863 - Products.txt issue in EPD-253

EPD-665 - POs Not Populating in Rep's Account