EPD-477 - Add currency symbol to 'Net Amount Total' column in Order History

EPD-777 - Skillet work to convert from sandbox to burton beta spice

EPD-738 - Enable available_on in client's spice

EPD-775 - Correct order output mechanism

EPD-751 - Update spice config for order output api pull

EPD-243 - Add additional account fields to sales program spreadsheet

EPD-447 - Add Product and Product Group "is not" options to Sales Program Spreadsheet

EPD-375 - Add ship_via_options & cancel_by date values to Customer import 

EPD-176 - Add the split Personalize button on the Cart Overview & Cart Detail Edit Quantities pages

EPD-516 - Onesky translation

EPD-588 - Whiteboard PDF only displaying the highest price instead of a range

EPD-727 - Adjustments to Stripe credit card integration not working 

EPD-353 - Onesky translation

EPD-747 - Move Cart Summary code to scramble-com

EPD-574 - Add new order history fields

EPD-743 - Include rep code in OO value for dealer orders 

EPD-714 - Cart Details & Sales Programs pages are not reflecting with the proper amounts  

EPD-722 - Ensure search index is cleared when no products exist 

EPD-752 - Could not switch between basket tabs

EPD-52 - Whiteboard not exporting correct brand logo 

EPD-768 - Order output file's Rep_Code is populated with the wrong value  

EPD-619 - Campaigns Not Showing Product Button

EPD-675 - Dropship address overwrites line 2 with postal code and city information  

EPD-687 - Sales programs are not shown on checkout page though they have already been applied

EPD-658 - Sales programs being incorrectly applied

EPD-683 - Search results displayed with other product which is not searched

EPD-704 - The behavior of pop up from technology tab is inconsistent 

EPD-733 - Promo Customer and Rep missing from Elastic

EPD-321 - Can't update Translations