EPD-565 - Setup Multi-merchant Adyen Account to Spreedly

EPD-606 - Add Checkout Field to XML order output

EPD-660 - Modify Address1 in Elastic order output

EPD-510 Refine Elastic Order Output

EPD-543 - Add ShipToID to rep_mappings csv

EPD-628 - Change mapped import fields for catalog data

EPD-598 - Fix product_custom_fields in pumpkin spice

EPD-579 - Enable customer_custom_fields import

EPD-605 - Delete all Users who are disabled

EPD-599 - Fix product_custom_fields in pumpkin spice

EPD-642 - Add new field in Products.csv

EPD-680 - Add "locked" Field To Export Spreadsheet

EPD-678 - Add 4 New Fields in catalog_mapping.csv file

EPD-468 - Add recipe settings to show or hide discount display in cart detail view

EPD-401 - Embellishment Pricing - engineering review

EPD-600 - Allow underscores (_) in style numbers

EPD-155 - Change Content Section of campaigns to Design Button

EPD-596 - Add the catalog_key field in the features.json spice

EPD-575 - OrderOutput add column with Order notes

EPD-593 - Change rep permission strategy to 'dealer_intersect'

EPD-570 - Star rating inconsistencies

EPD-505 - Sales programs upcharges with amount per item is not working as expected

EPD-380 - Missing wholesale price prevents use of whiteboard

EPD-5 - Incorrect duplication of adress reflected on the CSP on a multi-shipments order 

EPD-386 - Inventory check seems to no longer occur during checkout

EPD-629 - Could not submit order with empty alert with drop ship address selected

EPD-586 - Order History Details footer shows wrong totals when there are more than 20 records

EPD-564 - Drop ship order output zip code first zero gets removed 

EPD-657 - Sales programs not applying to saved orders

EPD-21 - Default sortation (catalog sort) not applied when landing on 3-up

EPD-6 - French translations missing

EPD-519 - Technology pop-up displaying behind the product page

EPD-427 - Inventory Not Showing in the 'Cart' and 'What You Ordered' Screens

EPD-66 - Moving from 1-up back to 3-up should return to the product last viewed

EPD-709 - Not seeing ‘Discount’ with value after the sales programs are applied

EPD-617 - Checkout error with 'payment_check' without selecting pay by credit card

EPD-584 - Catalogs import overrides manual changes to catalogs

EPD-23 - Sales programs being incorrectly applied

EPD-355 - Search Results in 1-Up View do not Display Correct Product

EPD-517 - Silent error in the console while adding the quantity for the product from details screen

EPD-558 - Standard order mode:Enter Quantities tab will be empty after clear up action + add another shipment  

EPD-562 - Enter Quantities not showing in draft orders therefore not allowing personalization

EPD-705 - User is blocked while clicking on left corner client logo and seeing errors on console

EPD-26 - View All in View a Catalog shows 0 catalogs

EPD-694 - Modify Address1 in Elastic order output

EPD-710 - Modify Elastic Order Output for Dropship "Attention To" field

EPD-640 - Modify catalog_mapping spice import to accept sold_in_multiples

EPD-715 - Allow comma separated catalog_layout values under client fields

EPD-446 - Add Product and Product Group "is not" rules to CSP

EPD-698 - Change to Order Output

EPD-690 - Order history - add new fields

EPD-682 Add new field in customers.csv

EPD-525 - Recipe: Toggle Ability for a Rep to Preview a Collection as a Specific Customer

EPD-699 - Enable feature flag missing-images-report

EPD-721 - Product data not loading on the Product listing page

EPD-415 - Whiteboard - Products without an image are not editable after save

EPD-589 - Import a File seeing cart totals but missing products in Cart-Detail 

EPD-663 - Collections assets not uploading

EPD-686 - Catalog imports failing "request timed out"

EPD-608 - Inventory Source sent incorrectly on some orders

EPD-713 - Missing Products