EPD-470 - Enable SSO in Production Environment

EPD-464 - Enable customer_amount_per_season imports

EPD-459 - Enable SSO in Production Environment

EPD-449 - UI still showing inventory warehouse, settings.json needs to be addresses

EPD-429 - Credit card multi merchant implementation error at payment

EPD-422 - Change catalog permission strategy to dealer intersect

EPD-419 - Campaign Missing "Product" button to Featured Products 

EPD-406 - Add <TermsCode> and sales program values to Elastic order output 

EPD-371 - Add 4 fields to order_history spice import

EPD-327 - Order History- order total summary box 

EPD-296 - Share With Dealer: add api endpoint for re-sending email

EPD-295 - Share with dealer : modify share_list field to send down array of users

EPD-165 - Update Orders showing Error to Sent

EPD-163 - Clone order output process

EPD-496 - Change password not working in the front end

EPD-495 - Reset password link is not working

EPD-469 - Not able to create new collections for all the clients

EPD-467 - Summary page: The shipment with product code is existing after the clean up action

EPD-461 - Bulk order type not sent in order output

EPD-418 - Prod Catalog Asset Import paperclip errors

EPD-411 - Wrong value added to order output for 'Freight' sales program line 

EPD-383 - Checkout date fields are not working properly 

EPD-373 - Password autofill interferes with user registration page

EPD-340 - Highlighted product tags, text color not changing based on highlight color

EPD-339 - Scramble- Submit order failure with specific case

EPD-285 - Incorrect default logo on catalog tiles

EPD-257 - Order history import errored

EPD-256 - Order output files are empty in beta

EPD-166 - Dropped items added to cart via import

EPD-129 - Trigger for Pricing API Call not working when Order Level Discounts used

EPD-37 - Contract Customers unable to select catalog and start order, site freezes

EPD-35 - Catalog sort order not respected in the 'Build Order' view