EPD-428 - Revert EPD-253 out of beta    

EPD-407 - Turn off SmartyStreets in Sandbox    

EPD-389 - Change catalog_mapping.csv sort

EPD-377 - Re-attach their main catalogs to another user

EPD-361 - Sorting and Decrement Logic for Contract Inventory Hover Display

EPD-351 - Missing Product Button on Campaigns    

EPD-346 - Set up PRD credentials for credit card at checkout

EPD-307 - Hide Cancel By field by customer_custom_fields does not work 

EPD-277 - Order Output Request    

EPD-199 - Mass delete items with zero total quantities from Cart 

EPD-191 - Allow varying prices by currency code    

EPD-185 - Add Credit Card Token as a column to Order Output 

EPD-181 - Suppress Zero Quantity Records for Contract Inventory on Availability Hover Display    

EPD-463 - Collections print job failing in Beta / PRD

EPD-452 - Cart details page: The warning banner is displaying after the clean up action is done and unable to navigate to any page

EPD-451 - Overview page: Unable to proceed further after the clean up action

EPD-442 - Staging: login/login as does not work

EPD-438 - Customer and inventory imports are failing because of filename

EPD-368 - Return to base inventory strategy rather than multi warehouse strategy    

EPD-358 - ShipToID not importing in rep_mappings

EPD-326 - User import won't continue after a warning is found

EPD-283 - Order output bugs

EPD-55 - CSP-Edit DashBoard giving Error page when the associated Customer Information Widget is deleted