ECDS-3322 - Modify API Response for Surface list of Dealer Users to Share to Dealer View  

ECDS-3281 - Refresh Page When Clicking on 'Okay' or 'x' on the Password Confirmation Modal 

ECDS-3221 - Changes to support display of Contract Inventory

ECDS-3216 - Quick Order - Display prices per size 

ECDS-3209 - Multi-merchants integration

ECDS-3177 - Update embellishment details on order confirmation email

ECDS-3123 - Dropship Address Validation Issue Visibility

ECDS-3109 - Site Logo in Order Confirmation Email

ECDS-3090 - Implement modal / opening the modal when request fails

ECDS-2882 - Change top banner sales calculation

ECDS-3290 - Login button is disabled when the form is filled    

ECDS-3283 - Campaign ended message prompting up while clicking either shop now button or product images from test 

ECDS-3282 - Cannot upload Order form when some materials are not part of the catalog  

ECDS-3260 - iOS - White screen is displayed after logging out

ECDS-3245 - Auto Print files not downloading correctly due to frontend URL mapping issue

ECDS-3243 - Quantity modification in overview leads to unexpected 'order exceptions' 

ECDS-3174 - Configurator + Cart Details: Changing Ship Date prompts for Review, but doesn't work as expected

ECDS-3151 - Configurator + Cart Details: Review configuration doesn't pop up configuration screen