ECDS-3097 - Technical Debt - Remove orphaned clients with nls files  

ECDS-3069 - Genesys Chat Client- New Code Change   

ECDS-3059 - Remapping & additions to Order History 

ECDS-3011 - Implement new design and user flow  

ECDS-2980 - JS SDK v1 Deprecation (Rudderstack) 

ECDS-2975 - Order Entry: Add Sort By Color Code

ECDS-2972 - Request to have report contain all rows of an order and not just exceptions

ECDS-2901 - "WalkMe" Training tool not working with new UX turned on    

ECDS-2880 - Turn off image storing

ECDS-2647 - Display Customer Information Widget on Dashboard

ECDS-2326 - Distinguish between Internal and Imported Embellishment Programs    

ECDS-2080 - New data imports do not update previously assorted catalogs

ECDS-588 - Elastic Suite Testing - Insecure Cookie Configuration

ECDS-3122 - Navigation from order creation Menu- Print Jobs and Menu- Account Settings are broken 

ECDS-3086 - The sales program page does not prevent the user from navigating away while a save is running.    

ECDS-3078 - When trying to rename an order in French, it's throwing errors 

ECDS-3077 - Some thumbnail images not displaying

ECDS-3071 - "Loading Products" wheel is stuck    

ECDS-3061 - Order Type not applying to new shipments created from exceptions modal    

ECDS-3014 - Download product images size

ECDS-3005 - Inventory Report - Default date is not correct

ECDS-2678 - Personalization button-hover does not show summary    

ECDS-2631 - "Go to Order History" link in Orders shows load child 'manage' error