ECDS-3008 - Scramble work for Collection- Print defaults

ECDS-3003 - Wrap text for Product Name Descriptions in Whiteboard in UI    

ECDS-2989 - Add a new Endpoint to support session validation API    

ECDS-2982 - Recipe setting to set Collection Print defaults 

ECDS-2979 - Support new Variation Search Sort By Color Code

ECDS-2974 - Add Recipe Setting: Sort by Color Code    

ECDS-2889 - Add the navigation setting 'Create return label' as a link 

ECDS-2664 - Surface Ship Via options based on settings in ECDS-2663   

ECDS-2663 - Add variables to Ship Via Options    

ECDS-2647 - Display Customer Information Widget on Dashboard  

ECDS-2312 - Upgrade react-day-picker

ECDS-3086 - The sales program page does not prevent the user from navigating away while a save is running. 

ECDS-3068 - Shop Now and Product Image click should nav to cart    

ECDS-3057 - PWA search result does not match with regular Staging site

ECDS-3031 - Staging: unexpected error message displays on terms pop up while submitting order    

ECDS-3028 - Shop Now button and product image Urls in Campaign email should direct users to the appropriate catalog, custom catalog or order which matches with data source  

ECDS-3027 - (Desktop) Correct misspelling on the sales program popup  

ECDS-3022 - Configurator not respecting component inventory when a quantity is changed in Cart through Quick Order    

ECDS-3007 - Location code is not correct in CSP after placing an order   

ECDS-3005 - Inventory Report - Default date is not correct    

ECDS-2998 - Catalog Cover for export PDF not correct 

ECDS-2987 - Catalog Cover for Collections out of order 

ECDS-2954 - Whiteboard images stretched to container when added to board  

ECDS-2949 - Dashboard- Order History Widget 

ECDS-2948 - Inventory Report - Customer is missing in the drop down menu 

ECDS-2926 - From Collections, navigate to Print Jobs does not work 

ECDS-2918 - Inventory report: "Advanced search" does not work   

ECDS-2738 - CCB product filter breadcrumbs when removed filter is not reset 

ECDS-2703 - Inventory Report - Submit button is greyed out 

ECDS-1395 - Logo and product placement differs on Whiteboard builder vs. Output