ECDS-3008 - Scramble work for Collection- Print defaults

ECDS-3003 - Wrap text for Product Name Descriptions in Whiteboard in UI

ECDS-2989 - Add a new Endpoint to support session validation API

ECDS-2982 - Recipe setting to set Collection Print defaults    Automation for Jira  

ECDS-2979 - Support new Variation Search Sort By Color Code

ECDS-2974Add Recipe Setting: Sort by Color Code  

ECDS-2889 - Add the navigation setting 'Create return label' as a link  

ECDS-2664 - Scramble - Surface Ship Via options based on settings in ECDS-2663

ECDS-2663 - Add variables to Ship Via Options

ECDS-2312 - Upgrade react-day-picker

ECDS-3058 - Unable to enter sales programs discounts for multi-shipment orders

ECDS-3056 - Reset Password not working

ECDS-3054 - PRD can't place orders

ECDS-3052 - loading products screen keeps loading

ECDS-3049 - Order History pre-filters results based on user last search

ECDS-3036 - Getting a 500 error from skillet while using Order History 

ECDS-3031 - Staging: unexpected error message displays on terms pop up while submitting order    

ECDS-3027 - Correct misspelling on the sales program popup   

ECDS-3026 - Some images not displaying

ECDS-3022 - Configurator not respecting component inventory when a quantity is changed in Cart through Quick Order   

ECDS-3021 - Pull latest translations from OneSky for files noted in this issue's Description

ECDS-3009 - Adjust handful of client_fields fields following Skillet changes treating them as dates and not strings  

ECDS-3002 - Product name having characters more than 25 still displaying in single line in whiteboard  

ECDS-2967 - Dropship only tournament shows ship to customer

ECDS-2963 - Order details are affected by catalog type change

ECDS-2954 - Whiteboard images stretched to container when added to board

ECDS-2930 - Regex for Document Notes is not working properly

ECDS-2921 - Inventory report default Date issue

ECDS-2915 - Duplicate PO error only recognizable in console

ECDS-2914 - Able to submit order without an address selected

ECDS-2867 - Order History XLSX export not working

ECDS-2504 - Add close or 'x' to b2c artifi iframe

ECDS-2497 - Order with mixed order types

ECDS-2493 - Autoprint catalog not downloadable in View a Catalog

ECDS-2194 - Order History client_fields with a date type come to Scramble as strings 

ECDS-2156 - Remove Customer Payment Terms by Business Unit on Checkout Page