ECDS-2951 - Total of MSRP column for order level

ECDS-2950 - Order History Add MSRP to columns 

ECDS-2944 - Order History, add order summary info to order detail view

ECDS-2929 - Mapping for OptionStockItemKey between product_configuration and inventory files

ECDS-2889 - Add the navigation setting 'Create return label' as a link

ECDS-2823 - Fix Price Range display on Order html (size level prices)

ECDS-2736 - Remove autobind from scramble-com

ECDS-2596 - Do not include zero quantity lines in Availability reports

ECDS-2289 - Remaining translation fixing

ECDS-1763 - Add logic so that when users click Product Images they are directed to Site/Campaign

ECDS-1723 - Support Customer Information Widget - Dashboard Insert

ECDS-3029 - Click on Order name link on Orders page prompts with exception

ECDS-3001 - Inventory Report References Incorrect Catalog Dates

ECDS-2999 - Embellishment importer error 

ECDS-2997 - Sales program page crashes for multi shipment orders

ECDS-2996 - Submitted orders could not proceed back to sales program page to view sale programs 

ECDS-2976 - Edit Quantities button does not work to update QTY successfully

ECDS-2965 - Filters are cut off at the bottom of the screen

ECDS-2928 - Complementary & Similar tabs are not accessible in product detail page

ECDS-2905 - When a order level sales program amount discount is applied to the order, clicking recalculate shows nothing 

ECDS-2904 - Some sales programs gets passed to the order output while they are unchecked

ECDS-2887 - Elastic Navigation not working. Console error observed

ECDS-2538 - Variations in Collections not printing in desired sort order  

ECDS-2497 - Order with mixed order types

ECDS-2493 - Autoprint catalog not downloadable in View a Catalog

ECDS-2476 - Back to top anchor cuts off the last product  

ECDS-2461 - When switching from standard order to quick order, it does not retain filter selection

ECDS-190 - Order submission log timestamps are wrong