ECDS-2868 - Add support for immediate capture through Spreedly    

ECDS-2857 - Re-Center Multi-Brand Logos    

ECDS-2842 - Cart Inventory Warning Modal Phase III    

ECDS-2837 - Update quantitystrategy

ECDS-2832 - Add customer tags to PO Length Setting

ECDS-2829 - Change to customer signup, multi-select brands   

ECDS-2811 - Recipe setting to enable Cart Inventory Warning Modal   

ECDS-2809 - Test upgrade of (Nginx)

ECDS-2808 - Adyen Credit Card Integration Change Request 

ECDS-2777 - Add Recipe setting for Shipment Max Line Items

ECDS-2776 - Enforce Max Order Lines setting as part of Checkout    

ECDS-2758 - Remove recompose  

ECDS-2713 - Support Customer Information Widget - View Widget    

ECDS-2639 - Support Customer Information Widget - Widget Editor   

ECDS-2616 - Link dropship form fields to the first dropship selection

ECDS-2615 - Change "All sales final" text on checkout

ECDS-2614 - Change text under "Choose a Size" on product details view

ECDS-2529 - Limit PO Length to 15 characters for Distributors    

ECDS-2450 - Sales Program Spreadsheet Format - Add Order Max Sales Program Columns

ECDS-2403 - Add Order Max Sales Program Rule & Evaluation

ECDS-2907 - Add Support Back for Legacy Max PO Value

ECDS-2900 - Build Order -Variations popup showing 'Edit Quantities' button  

ECDS-2875 - Cart overview page is not responding when order contains high number of products

ECDS-2872 - Error appears after entering to View Catalog page via the search result page

ECDS-2861 - Duplicated products can be added to collection again and again    

ECDS-2852 - More details link could not launch normally on Enter Quantities pop up  

ECDS-2851 - Explore-Search: Product search result in View catalog page do not match with search result page    

ECDS-2849 - Error: translation missing displays on search result set    

ECDS-2841 - Cancel date field in checkout is not updating after selecting it from 'product availability issue' popup in cart-details view page.      

ECDS-2836 - Cancel Date selection bug   

ECDS-2798 - Saved 'External Support Provider' settings are not visible on the Recipe UI   

ECDS-2753 - Quantities replication in multi-shipments order 

ECDS-2719 - Collections cover not showing styles in the order they were added to Collection    

ECDS-2711 - Searching on catalogs with products without prices, it fails 

ECDS-2697 - Campaign email builder - text and editor glitches    

ECDS-2488 - Collections taking too much time to be created    

ECDS-2316 - When deleting products from your cart on Quantities, the last product size grid is cutoff

ECDS-1534 - Whiteboard image Quality