ECDS-2834 - New UX: No logo slider arrow in multi-branded dashboard

ECDS-2816 - Capture User Email, Date and Time for Terms & Conditions Acceptance 

ECDS-2806 - Configurator - Expand Order Export Data    

ECDS-2772 - Order Detail Screen add Ship To selection field- Phase III    

ECDS-2769 - Order Detail Screen add editable Start and Cancel date fields- Phase III    

ECDS-2749 - Order History Add MSRP to columns 

ECDS-2748 - Add cancel_date to order_history import    

ECDS-2746 - Configurator - Expand Order Export Data 

ECDS-2732 - Add User Type to elastic order output API

ECDS-2724 - Update Default Dashboard image for new Marquee Sizes

ECDS-2699 - Customer Information Widget - Listing Page UI

ECDS-2617 - After clicking on product detail screen, take user to the same product section in product listings page

ECDS-2610 - Capture User/Date/Time from T&C event 

ECDS-2371 - Configurator - Decrement Component Availability

ECDS-2073 - Configurator - Apply sales program to configured product

ECDS-2068 - Configurator - Display created configuration in the checkout process

ECDS-2828 - Collection search does not work properly

ECDS-2807 - Problems with the Scramble call to find product images

ECDS-2797 - Can't save configuration without filling out an option for a non-required component    

ECDS-2771 - Change address in checkout and back to cart-details view page address is not showing correctly.    

ECDS-2770 - After changing customer still previous customer address populating in cart-details view screen       

ECDS-2745 - Marquee Hover State drops Gradient 100% - Doesn't match design

ECDS-2735 - All Clients - mouse_over hover no longer pauses marquee rotation

ECDS-2627 - Barcode scanning window does not open

ECDS-2611 - Table line breaks in cart summary view 

ECDS-2550 - Canada Dropship address line 1 is duplicated

ECDS-2547 -  Add new order history field (`expected_ship_date_range`)

ECDS-2453 - View all catalogs not working within catalog widget for multi branded clients

ECDS-2416 - Collections are Not Working Properly    

ECDS-2328 - Marquee asset not clickable when linked to a product filter set 

ECDS-2317 - Logo is broken in campaigns email

ECDS-2167 - Bulk Order Type not applying to multiple shipments when using OLOF