ECDS-2544 - Multi-Brand Filtering for Collections Catalog selection

ECDS-2501 - Hide Order price display in Order Detail screen

ECDS-2499 - Add Back button to the Cart-Detail screen

ECDS-2492 - Link Recipe setting for Hide Product Data in UI to Cart-Details screen

ECDS-2491 - Nothing in place to prevent a player from placing multiple orders

ECDS-2474 - Recipe Setting for Order price display in Order Detail screen

ECDS-2427 Change the timing of the real time inventory and pricing call Phase II

ECDS-2346 - Marquee - No longer require a Headline

ECDS-2345 - Explore Page - Marquee

ECDS-2297 Revert 'Estimated Ship Complete Date' work 

ECDS-2295 Collections Tile v2

ECDS-2283 - Explore Page - Collections Section v2 

ECDS-2282 - Explore Page - Marquee v2

  • A headline will no longer be required in the Marquee image in the CSP
    • Users can add a sub-headline without a headline
  • Black box has been removed and headline text is now overlaid on left side of image
    • Dark or Light overlays can be applied to Marquee images and videos in the CSP
    • The default is a dark overlay
    • “Dark Theme” box is checked
    • This adds a darker shade where the headline/CTA text would be shown, to enhance text contrast
    • The Headline, Sub-headline and any CTA text will be White
  • The light overlay is set by disabling the “Dark Theme” checkbox
    • “Dark Theme” box is unchecked
    • Adds a lighter shade where the headline would be shown, to enhance text contrast
    • The Headline, Sub-headline and any CTA text will be Black
  • Image and video size requirements have been adjusted for images without headlines (new minimum 1920x 700px) (file size limitation of 50Mb for videos remains the same)

ECDS-1724 Display Customer Information Widget on Dashboard

ECDS-2670 - Marquee v2 bug - gray box flashing when going from last to first slide

ECDS-2560 - Available date is not showing correctly in one the scenario in cart-details view page

ECDS-2553 - Admin CSP Sales Program Applied filter not working

ECDS-2552 - External Pricing Sales Program auto-select and apply external pricing 

ECDS-2543 - Previously selected catalog value retained

ECDS-2541 - Portrait CCB asset appearing with vertical scrolls bars

ECDS-2537 - Cart-Detail Available Date not recognizing todays availability

ECDS-2535 - Checkout screen showing declined sales program information

ECDS-2517 - Default Sort is not passed in Catalog Payload

ECDS-2449 - Media Download 

ECDS-2389 - Sales Program Groups not getting deleted after import

ECDS -1849 - Collections are not displayed correctly on Explore page

ECDS-1842 - Marquee Video Doesn't resize correctly with mixed assets