ECDS-2183 - Delete option displayed even when user is unable to delete Shared Orders

ECDS-2210 - Sorting Icon not displayed correctly in accordance with the sorting order selected

ECDS-2258 - Typo on sales program page while no discount applied

ECDS-2270 -  Users can no longer open orders through the Processed ERP Order page

ECDS-2284 - Hovering cursor over the Customer signup is wrong

ECDS-2300 - Canada Dropship address line 1 is duplicated, overwrites line 2

ECDS-2301 - The number of units are not matching with the total units in the cart in terms sales program

ECDS-2307 - My notes and shared notes should be seen side by side in the PDF

ECDS-2336 - Refine Italian sort phrases on cart overview & cart tab

ECDS-2337 - Empty optional files causing catalog import to error

ECDS-2350 - Refinement to sign up form, Address in Line 2 misspelled  

ECDS-2351 - Sort asc and Sort dsc tooltip is not getting changed when clicked on it

ECDS-2357 - 'Show Color Info In 3-up View' Recipe setting missing the default setting statement

ECDS-2365 - Customer Signup Form- Autofill Compatibility

ECDS-2366 - Invoices .html link does not open

ECDS-2368 - Cart order details page: Wholesale price is not strikethrough when net/order price is more

ECDS-2369 - Cart Details Screen 'Net Total' shown as 2 different values

ECDS-2376 - Changing Views brings to the top of the catalog

ECDS-2379 - Wholesale price doesn't strikethrough if net price is different from wholesale price for NonBlocking catalog

ECDS-2382 - Default Sorting on View Catalog is not as expected and missing the sort\[type\] in the payload

ECDS-2418 - Explore Page | The catalog name is not shown only when a catalog has multiple tiles

ECDS-2426 - Catalog filter not respecting multi branded dashboard

ECDS-2437 - Catalog images do not display in #Explore page and catalog list page when using Safari

ECDS-2459 - Page gets grey and stuck when a modal is opened on staging

ECDS-1908 - Add the navigation setting for Return Label Service - Description

ECDS-2224 - Total cart items needs to be added to the non quantity sales program

ECDS-2231 - Add date validation to tournament order reason date

ECDS-2285 - Add color name/code to 3-up view

ECDS-2292 - Order Detail Report Filters

ECDS-2293 - Search in New UX no longer inserts commas for multi-string search terms

ECDS-2294 - Add the Create Return Label link to navigation

ECDS-2302 - "Sales program not applied" message is displaying even when discount is applied

ECDS-2308 - Collection Listing Page v2

ECDS-2311 - Dealer Orders Tab- Not Displaying the orders correctly

ECDS-2320 - New Customer Signup Form

ECDS-2349 - Allow Collection Filter within Product Filters to be searchable

ECDS-2354 - Change catalog import strategy

ECDS-2360 - Order Detail View add discount info and order price in Shipment tab

ECDS-2363 - Unable to delete a Collection associated with an expired Campaign

ECDS-2375 - Order Detail screen Phase II - Inventory scenario 

ECDS-2380 - Recipe Setting for discounted price display