ECDS-1888 - Catalog Dates not matching NEW UI/UX

ECDS-1539 - Add ability to duplicate a catalog in admin

ECDS-1551 - Ability to resend Credentials Email

ECDS-1562 - Hide item number on all pages

ECDS-1593 - Prices in collections builder set to "0" after save

ECDS-1681 - Clicking order number in Order History widget does not show order details

ECDS-1682 - Catalog Name List Box blank on Create Collection screen

ECDS-1757 - Add By [BrandName] to 1Up

ECDS-1803 - Wrong logo displayed in multi-branded dashboard

ECDS-1804 - Star Ratings Updates

ECDS-1805 - Missing translations for new OH buttons

ECDS-1840 - Invoices for Canada Dealers appear with US currency Code

ECDS-1843 - Bug on Catalog view while navigating branded dashboards

ECDS-1861 - Personalization Regression - Artifi B2B Interface Called with Incorrect Width

ECDS-1862 - Mass Migration of the existing users into Cognito

ECDS-1876 - Add Address 3 to Drop Ship form

ECDS-1878 - View a catalog is not working

ECDS-1897 - Terms and Conditions: Display customized text from CSP

ECDS-1915 - Backport the fix into base skillet

ECDS-1918 - Session ID tracking inclusion in Rudderstack API

ECDS-1925 - Update nokogiri (and other gem patch levels)

ECDS-1931 - Implement terms display on sales program page summary box

ECDS-1935 - Export Order History in Excel not working

ECDS-1939 - Order History Export - exclude <state>_totals fields from the request

ECDS-1942 - Order history page will not load a second time

ECDS-1950 - Clicking Brand Name in 1Up doesn't work

ECDS-1955 - Order History Export - Parameters refinement

ECDS-1998 - Beta: Start Ship Date default to the past date while creating a new order and copy a shipment

ECDS-2003 - Min ship days not always working

ECDS-2007 - Start ship date reset when adding new shipments

ECDS-2021 - Submitting a draft order after the catalog shipment date has changed submit it with an invalid ship date

ECDS-1291 - Unable to add email domain to Campaigns in Recipe (Beta)

ECDS-1541 - Change page title on Order Quantities and Order Overview page

ECDS-1597 - Exchange to Elastic Admin Integration (access for brand admins)

ECDS-1633 - Include User Classification in User Object

ECDS-1883 - Show orders authored by reps on the dealer order list in Orders View

ECDS-1886 - Do not allow sales programs to be deselected when achieved

ECDS-1904 - Exchange to Elastic Admin Integration (access for brand admins)

ECDS-1912 - Support for Deleting Product Videos

ECDS-1914 - abstract sprint release branch scripts further

ECDS-1919 - Migrate more stories so they aren't using scramble4Wrapper

ECDS-1927 - update storybook latest patch version

ECDS-1936 - Newly saved CC not display on CC list page

ECDS-1938 - Improve performance of Metrics report - set call Prefetch

ECDS-1948 - Performance Improvement - Thoughtspot Metrics Reports

ECDS-1987 - Orders from Credit Card customers submitted without CC info

ECDS-1877 - Add 3 Columns to Order XLSX Export