ECDS-1879 - Orders can't be placed

ECDS-2012 - Unable to reach - CC processing down, 422 error

ECDS-585 - Share not working when rep selects all in CCB share

ECDS-1260 - Order History - Export Order Details (move to Skillet)

ECDS-1267 - Export Order History to XLSX Scramble Changes - new button, send data to Skillet

ECDS-1436 -  New shipments are created when shipments with the same date already exist (consolidation)

ECDS-1596 - CSP to Elastic Admin Integration (access for tenant admins)

ECDS-1598 - Exchange Users/Groups Auto Creation In Cognito from Elastic

ECDS-1659 - Order History - Export Order List (move to skillet)

ECDS-1747 - Can't select Order Type from dropdown menu

ECDS-1796 - Copy all does not work

ECDS-1811 - Availability Layout: Incorrect Price Range in Order PDF

ECDS-1815 - Add Address 3 to Drop Ship form

ECDS-1839 - Applying two sales program without discount but in report displaying only one sales program.

ECDS-1841 - Switch Customer function not working when using old dashboard (ASAP)

ECDS-1844 - NEW UI - Opening a draft / review order as a rep is not properly impersonating the retailer and is preventing order submission

ECDS-1859 - Scramble Popup - Order History - Export Order

ECDS-1875 - Error while Entering Product Quantity/Edit Quantities

ECDS-1881 - Customer selection not getting applied on new UX in PRD

ECDS-1896 - Detail Order History XLSX not calling the endpoint as expected

ECDS-1937 - Order History Export - Filter dates are missing leading zeroes

ECDS-1696 - Support can_embellish in catalog_mapping file

ECDS-1750 - Add Status column to Orders overview on Dashboard

ECDS-1758 - Create Design Brand link on the 1up

ECDS-1777 - Add the missing columns to the order history API

ECDS-1797 - Recipe setting to suppress Additional Discounts Available pop-up at checkout

ECDS-1809 - Scramble changes to support Recipe setting - suppress Additional Discounts Available pop-up at checkout

ECDS-1810 - Make the fields in checkout page of orders in final submission as non-editable

ECDS-1812 - Terms and Conditions Explanation Text

ECDS-1813 - remove @elastic-internal/react-icons-kit

ECDS-1814 - Can we add product Wholesale and retail price on order confirmation emails ?

ECDS-1819 - Scramble support to hide product data in UI

ECDS-1820 - Add additional information in the Order History widget

ECDS-1822 - Add sales program reference to Admin> Order detail screen

ECDS-1823 - Odd behavior when adding and removing filters when no results are found in 1-up view

ECDS-1826 - Pull latest translations for Quik Account History

ECDS-1827 - Make Availability Report results Conform to Catalog Availability Settings

ECDS-1832 - add Sales Program visibility to Orders screen in Admin CSP

ECDS-1846 - export order history xlsx doesn't provide a document with the expected columns

ECDS-1850 - Staging/Beta: Proceed to checkout button does not work on sales program page

ECDS-1853 - Document Notes RegExp and Page Notes RegExp restrictions do not work anymore

ECDS-1892 - Revise scramble4 readme on proxy config

ECDS-1898 - Update Advanced Customer Search translations

ECDS-1903 - Order History Export entries are 20 by default

ECDS-1906 - Update Select Order Type translations

ECDS-1624 - Implement Fallback logic for Collections without Images or Products

ECDS-1798 - Space should display between Size and Size Range text in recipe settings

ECDS-1828 - Unable to close notes if und