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2022.20 Release Notes Print

Modified on: Tue, 22 Nov, 2022 at 4:20 PM


Front-End Changes

  • ECDS-1531) - Copy to all translations in enter quantities
  • ECDS-1616) - Total amount for single shipment is lost on Cart>Overview page
  • ECDS-1626) - Multi Branded Dashboard Catalog Display Issue
  • ECDS-1669) - Catalog shows on homepage but not under others
  • ECDS-1670) - Truncation of Long Style & Color Names in Grids
  • ECDS-1680) - IAB: can not add all products into assort
  • ECDS-1683) - BP-145 Order Overview: Shipment Total is misplaced
  • ECDS-1684) - Brand selector is lost after exiting Orders screen
  • ECDS-1685) - Dashboard widgets don't get displayed
  • ECDS-1687) - Select customer bar not showing up
  • ECDS-1689) - White space between Marquee image and Brands section has increased
  • ECDS-1691) - Tool Tips on Technology Icons
  • ECDS-1692) - BP-140 IconButton Icon is not been updated
  • ECDS-1699) - BP-91 Spacing Issue in order creation (units/$totals)
  • ECDS-1702) - BP-97 Changes to Home page
  • ECDS-1703) - BP-95 Rename Price filter to "Wholesale Price"
  • ECDS-1704) - BP-147 [All] Disallow characters in Order Names when Using "Save As" if recipe setting prevents them
  • ECDS-1707) - Sort Announcement Banner
  • ECDS-1654) - Implement new whiteboard icons in scramble-com
  • ECDS-1655) - Implement new Campaigns icons in scramble-com
  • (ECDS-1726) - Catalog date fields  on new UX
  • (ECDS-1729) - Text inconsistency in Action menu
  • (ECDS-1736) - BP-161 Shipment is not translated to German in Order confirmation mail and Order pdf
  • (ECDS-1738) - BP-146 Reinstate totals at the bottom of the Cart View
  • (ECDS-1742) - BP-44 [Patagonia, All] Disallow characters in Order Names with a recipe setting
  • (ECDS-1744) - Order types not being properly saved
  • (ECDS-1755) - Scramble changes to support Recipe setting- for Custom Text for Order Submission message
  • (ECDS-1756) - large Red refresh text displayed for Fox
  • (ECDS-1764) - Ariat US (All Clients)- New Recipe list Setting to display/hide product data in UI
  • (ECDS-1767) - Translations for periodic check for internet connection loss and related user prompts
  • (ECDS-1773) - deprecate scramble4Wrapper, incrementally
  • (ECDS-1774) - Scan text inconsistency: "add all variations" translation to be changed
  • (ECDS-1780) - Orders sharing with exception
  • (ECDS-1785) - Add translations for recently added actions
  • (ECDS-1786) - Add translations for new Catalog Filter phrases in Quick Order
  • (ECDS-1787) - Add translations for messages to credit blocked customers
  • (ECDS-1794) - [New UX] 'Continue As Myself' popup won't go away after select myself
  • (ECDS-1816) - Update translations for _src_scramble_views_builder_nls_order
  • (ECDS-1821) - Add new translations for .../views/dashboard/.../document.js
  • (ECDS-1824) - update patch version of jest in scramble-com
  • (ECDS-1829) - Inventory quantities not correct

Back-End Changes

  • (ECDS-1511) - Various prototype catalog bugs
  • (ECDS-1513) - Missing image report to have variations on separate lines
  • (ECDS-1515) - Issue with column order in CSP and downloaded missing images report
  • (ECDS-1652) - include alternate size in sales programs selection
  • (ECDS-1714) - BP-60 Skillet Terms and Conditions: Allow users to customize pop up text
  • (ECDS-1715) - BP-105 Support for Deleting 360 Images
  • (ECDS-1737) - BP-94 Enable starting date for Announcements
  • (ECDS-1745) - Show the same language as the email when viewing - with images link within order confirmation email
  • (ECDS-1749) - Clean up notes page of the PDF
  • (ECDS-1751) - Admin Report- Sales Program not capturing program name
  • (ECDS-1752) - update react



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