• Dashboard assets are managed through the Admin CSP portal and do not require a specific naming convention. 
  • Multiple Dashboards can be set up to target different constituent users or groups e.g. user type (rep vs dealer), dealer type (wholesale vs special pricing group) or by region (USA vs Europe).
  • If the dashboard images provided do not exactly match the size specifications, they will be stretched or cropped accordingly.


  • A Marquee sets the tone for the page. This image or video is found at the top of the Explore page and spans the whole width of the browser or display, edge-to-edge. Assets display at 2.74:1 ratio.
  • A minimum of one Marquee media asset is required, add up to 4.
  • Assets should be provided as follows:
    • Image: Recommended Size -1920 x 700 px recommended format is .png, .jpeg, .jpg, or .git
    • Video: Recommended Size -1920 x 700 px, recommended format is .mp4 or .mov (cannot exceed 50 MIB)
    • Please note the Marquee videos do not have sound. If you wish to use audio, you can link your video to the Marquee. This way it will open up in a new windo

Explore: Links

  • Links to external content
  • If there are more than 3 images, the view becomes a slider where clicking the arrow will slide in additional images
  • Links can be image based or text
  • Assets should be provided as follows:
    • Recommended Dimension: 445px x 445px, Minimum
    • Background: non-transparent
    • File Type: .png or.jpeg

Carousel Images – Only For Sites Without the Explore Page

  • Carousel Images are wide banner images which automatically rotate and are used to display new seasonal information, sales or collections
  • A minimum of one Carousel Image is required however up to 4 can be uploaded into any single dashboard
  • Carousel Images must be in the following format:
    • Size: 1470 x 385 px (3MB maximum)
    • Background: Non-transparent

If you have enabled to Explore homepage, the carousel will not display, but the file is still required. You can use a placeholder.