The below information will provide an orientation to the Elastic Dashboard. The Dashboard experience "UX" will require some setup, as it allows for larger assets and in some cases functionality and features that don't exist in any elastic release prior to 2022.13.  Watch a video of the full site UX experience below.

Looking for technical specifications and documentation? Media Asset Resources ("New UI/UX")

New UX updates in the administrative site: 

Navigation Settings

This is where you can select what will be visible to users in the side navigation menu on the main Elastic dashboard.


The Marquee is where the main dashboard header is controlled. You can add up to 4 assets to the Marquee, an external or internal (product filter set) URL, or a video for clickable images.
Note: Videos that display on the marquee do not have sound. 

Call to action

Create a link or button that connects to an external or internal (product filter set) URL. 


Communicate important information that is visible on the announcement bar.

Product search recommendations

Allows you to list prebuilt search criteria on the search screen.

Product filter set

Create internal links that are visible on Marquee CTA's and search fields.

Links List

The links list is where you can edit the list of links visible to users in the horizontal scroll menu on the main Elastic dashboard.


When you are finished with your Dashboard edits, remember to click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.