Front-End Changes

  • (ECDS-1043) - B2C Mode: Enhancement List
  • (ECDS-669) - NotInCatalog Order Exceptions are silently failing
  • (ECDS-1086) - Personalization window could not be launched normally
  • (EB-93) - Bug Fix: Group/Ungroup feature
  • (EB-47) - User preference to set paper size

Back-End Changes

  • (ECDS-462) - Once inventory import complete move file to another file
  • (ECDS-461) - Error with Sales Program rule: "Account Is Not" in Admin CSP 
  • (ECDS-449) - Forward all Document client_fields in the order output API
  • (ECDS-1017) - Include Season code to Elastic order API 
  • (ECDS-340) - default logos-from-recipe feature flag to enabled for new sites
  • (ENDS -1041) - Add a dropship address validation step when iOS orders are submitted
  • (EB-26) - Whiteboard: Add text color picker
  • (EB-111) - Order PDF - Add Prices to Grid Layout