Front-End Changes

  • (ECDS-521) - Golf Club Configurator iFrame Set Up
  • (ECDS-202) - Add paymetric standard as a payment provider
  • (ECDS 1013) - "By" label under product names in catalogs not working
  • (ECDS 719) - CCB Print - Selected print settings are not displaying on scramble
  • (ECDS-520) - Shipping Address search in Checkout view
  • (ECDS-1069) - Enter Quantities tab and Basket icon are not clickable while editing the order
  • (ECDS-1074) - Dragging and dropping items from one shipment to another in the order build and cart view pages do not work
  • (ECDS-1078) - Proceed to checkout button on cart-overview page does not work
  • (EB-46) - Add Sizebreak label to Whiteboard
  • (EB-45) - Create Order: Add a search feature for customer's selection

Back-End Changes

  • (ECDS-261) - Golf Club Configurator
  • (ECDS-229) - Target sales programs at the ship-to level
  • (ECDS-427) - Highlight in the CSP orders that were generated though HATCH integration
  • (EB-30) -  Add Sizebreak label to Whiteboard