The become a dealer function can be added to the login splash screen. This adds a link that when clicked can either bring up an Elastic Form or direct to an external site for users looking to gain access can provide their customer information.

Setting up this feature requires the following information:

  • If using your own form, provide your Elastic contact with the URL to the form.
  • If using the Elastic form an email address to notify when a form is submitted.

When enabled for a "brand's" site you will see the option "Want to become a dealer? Get Started

If enabled with the Elastic form the applicant will receive the below fields to fill out. Once submitted it will send an email to the email address defined by the brand and be available in the admin site to view. If using your own URL it will direct to an external site.

To check the submissions, log into the admin (CSP) and you will find under Reports a new selection of Dealer Requests. This will list all requests submitted. They can then be viewed, deleted, and/or exported from this screen.

To export you can export to .xlsx using the Output Xls fields or in the bottom left select the Download CSV link to get a .csv of all the records listed.