Front-End Changes

  • (#10863) Use a scramble setting to control whether or not Cancel By Date is required on the order 
  • (#10864) [All] - Adding filter/sort option to Dealer Orders list
  • (#10837)  Neon yellow and white text 
  • (#10841) Could not import order for the 2nd time
  • (#10953) Add A5 paper size to CCB print modal
  • (#10957) Chain link "shared" icon not displaying for shared CCs

Back-End Changes

  • (#10351) Password Reset mailer uses wrong user when Associated Users exist 
  • (#12110) Need help troubleshooting missing items
  • (#11919) [Digital Market] Remove tag selection from the enterprise export to excel
  • (#11932) Remove original_filename shim from PrintAsset as_json
  • (#12021) Remove Digital Market Export feature flag