Front-End Changes

  • (#10858) Smartystreets validation message minor wording issue
  • (#10842) PrintAsset and Asset keys are now called key; original_filename is deprecated 
  • (#10309) Order amount in orders widget not reflecting Embellishments

Back-End Changes

  • (#11522) Error when Return Label API is called when not enabled
  • (#11903) Cannot export xlsx file ,500 error occurred
  • (#12025) Stop importing videos in catalogs burden if ProductVideos exist 
  • (#12048) Adding a corrupted custom image to whiteboard causes it to fail 
  • (#12064) Editing customer permissions in CSP can corrupt them
  • (#12094) Order history filters are not properly escaped for regex
  • (#12109) Return Label admin search incorrect
  • (#12116) Order amount in CSP not reflecting Embellishments Bug 
  • (#11995) Dealer received Discount Approval email intended for Reps
  • (#12151) Staging: orders submitted with Error status