Front-End Changes

  • (#10803) Catalog & Category Landing Page Videos UI touchups
  • (#10816) Scale Quantities is not working
  • (#10605) Allow the user manager to add a new user on the front end
  • (#10815) Add support for Vimeo and YouTube videos to 1-up
  • (#10881) Duplicate username generating scramble error 

Back-End Changes

  • (#7929) Don't allow deleting last rule or discount of published sales program
  • (#11649) Add link to order confirmation email to download order details with images
  • (#11930) Include order State on the Sales Program report
  • (#11914) Users are unable to change Apply rules when creating or editing a sales program
  • (#11497) Localized Print assets
  • (#11524) Allow user manager to add new users on the front end
  • (#11895) Error page appears when opening some orders in orders list 
  • (#12005) Order output fails if sales_programs are nil 
  • (#12047) CCB Assets not importing
  • (#12077) Inconsistency in quick search for products