Product/style assets are images that are used to showcase your products. While hero images are used in both online and Collections, most assets described here are only used online. You can read more about Collections Assets here. The product/style assets can be divided into two categories with various components:

1. Product Images

2. Product Videos

* Seasonal Images are an available option when images for the same style change between seasons.  Should you wish to implement Seasonal Images please contact your Elastic Project Manager for information on this option.

Primary/Hero Images

Primary images (also known as Hero Images) are a requirement for every product/style.  They are displayed site-wide and serve as the main image used in the printed Collections.

If a Primary Image does not exist for a product, a ‘Missing Image’ graphic is substituted until a product image is available

Alternate Images

Alternate Images display different views of the product/style (i.e. front, back, on model) and are optional.  Alternate Images are only used on the site and not for printing in the Collections.

A “View Alternates” link displays on the product detail page when Alternate Images are available.

Secondary Images

Secondary Images are a special type of Alternate Image and are optional. They are used for identifying a product view that will be used in a printed Collection. Alternate Images are not generally printed in the Collections, but Secondary Images are the exception. 

A product can have many Alternate Images but only one Secondary Image. In the image below the Secondary Images are circled in red.

On the site, Secondary Images are displayed on the Product Detail Page along with any Alternate Images.

360 Images

360 Images is a feature that will take images of a given product and display them as though a movie object is playing, showing the product rotate in space. These images are optional. A product/style can only be associated with one set of 360 images. There should be at least 36 angles. Enabling 360 images requires a change in the backend. If you wish to use these images, contact Elastic Support.

72 angles provides the best view of the product. If there are more than 99 images, the sequence goes out of order. If less than 36 angles are used, the rotating image will be less smooth.

Product Images - Technical Specifications

Tech Spec
Product/Style NumberThis is the primary identifier for the product/style. This must match the product number in the products table.
ColorThis is the color code. This must match the color number in the products table.
Image TypeThis specifies the type of image:
P = Primary
A - Alternate Images

S - Secondary Image (for Collections)
Image NumberA sequential number
Seasonal CodeThis field only applies when seasonal images are utilized. Please contact your Project Manager for more information about implementing this image.
Size1275 x 1515px Minimum
File TypePNG (preferred), JPEGs can be used when PNG is not available.
FTP Location/products
File Naming ConventionProductNumber_Color_ImageType_Number.png

ExampleExample File Name
Primary Image for Style A7YN Color 1D7A7YN_1D7_P_1.png
Alternate Image #3 for Style A7YN Color 1D7A7YN_1D7_A_3.png
Secondary Image for Style A7YN Color 1D7A7YN_1D7_S_1.png

360 Images - Technical Specifications (Requires a backend change)

Tech SpecRequirement

Product/Style Number

Primary identifier for the product/style.
ColorColor code (optional).
Image number

A sequential number (01, 02, 03, 04...)

SizeMin. 800 x 950px
Number of imagesRecommended 36-72 images
File TypeJPEG or PNG, image gets converted to a JPEG
FTP Locationproducts/360s/Style_Color
File Naming Convention


ExampleExample File Name

1st Image shot for Style A7YN Color 1D7


2nd Image shot for Style AZYB Color 1D7


Product Videos

Videos are optional.  A product/style can only be associated with one video.  When available for a product, the video will display on the Product Detail page.

Tech Spec
Product NumberThis is the primary identifier for the product/style. This must match the product number in the products table.
TypeThis specifies the file type: V = Video
Size720px x 480px or larger
Refresh Rate1200+ kb
File TypeMPEG4 + H.264 or MOV
FTP Location/products/videos
File Naming

ExampleExample File Name
Video for product