Front-End Changes

  • (#10277) Personalization window's iFrame is a fraction of its normal size making its use quite difficult
  • (#10270) "Share with Dealer" do not work and error appears in console after clicking the button
  • (#10272) Impossible to enter quantities in the "Quantities entry" in the 3UP view
  • (#9744) Can we "select text" for copy/paste from order history page
  • (#9675) Freeze columns on availability table
  • (#10177) Make media dump download high_res when selected
  • (#9485) Don't allow share if catalog not visible to dealer
  • (#10149) Unable to Move Order Cart Tabs
  • (#9582) Filters not limiting colors in CC and in More Details
  • (#10141) Duplicate and Share icon missing from Orders page

Back-End Changes

  • (#10932) NameError: uninitialized constant Elastic::Image
  • (#10890) Default show_unachieved => true in Sales Program Import
  • (#9492) Export Availability to Excel for an order when using product level ATS
  • (#10751) Add Client logo to Welcome emails
  • (#10740) Dealer Visibility to Orders Placed by Rep
  • (#10826) Add logo_image, missing_image and brand_image settings to recipe.