I. Transition To Primary CS Support:

We would like to congratulate you on a very successful onboarding venture!

As part of this milestone, we are ready to introduce you to our Customer Success team and move toward less onboarding and more adoption, growth and overall success.


What does that mean to you? 

Your primary project manager and development team will transition off of your account. They will likely move on to other on-boarding projects. While they will continue to have involvement with your account, your primary contact will shift to your assigned customer success account manager.  Your account manager will conduct your update calls, track your issues and keep you informed on changes to your environment.


What if you have an issue with the software?

If you encounter an issue or question regarding the software, please fill out our simple new ticket form and we'll be happy to assist you. You can access the ticket form when logged into the elastic site by clicking ‘Get Support’ and then 'New Support Ticket'. Or directly from the admin support site, which will both take you to This Ticket Form

Our form has a field for priority. We review the priority with serious attention to all tickets but especially those marked URGENT and HIGH. 

Tickets with URGENT priority will be looked at swiftly. They will also be automatically forwarded to our on call support team and CS lead if they are created outside of our normal business hours, where we will likely need help from our on call engineering team. 

We appreciate your assistance in carefully assessing each case deemed urgent.  

Please refer to this article on Incident Management Process for further information on priority classifications and general response and resolution timelines

What are our support service hours?

Our global team works together to be able to provide some support outside of normal business hours. Our helpdesk in Europe can respond to tickets that come in after the end of the US day for example, and vice versa. In the US we also have team members located in PST, MST and EST.

That said we are more actively reviewing and responding to inbound tickets during our normal Monday - Friday business hours, which are as follows:

US: 9am - 5pm PST

EU: 9am - 5pm CET

What is our support phone number?

We highly recommend creating a new support ticket, but if you feel the need to speak to someone more urgently, our help desk number is 1-888-585-5574. Our phone support business hours are (9AM - 5PM US Pacific Time) Monday through Friday.

Our phone support is currently managed in the U.S. If we miss your phone call and you leave a voicemail, it will automatically create a ticket for us to review and respond to. We appreciate your detail when leaving a VM.


How do you check the status of your issues?

Someone from our customer success team or your cs account manager will keep track of the status of your outstanding tickets. As you’ll likely recall from onboarding, tickets often require a dialog to confirm the behavior and the specific steps to recreate the issue; you will be contacted by either a support resource, or your account manager to clarify the issue. Once a service request (ticket) is logged you can track its progress in the support portal. Alternatively, your cs contact or account manager can keep you updated on the progress of the ticket(s).


*Issues that require development to be fixed will be logged with development and issued a ticket number separately from the Freshdesk support portal. As the ticket moves through the development process, a note is added to the help desk ticket so you can track its progress. Once it moves to production, the ticket will be marked as resolved.

Is there a support supervisor contact for possible escalation problems etc?

It is always advised to work through your account manager, and/or CS contact who responded to your ticket and is likely most familiar with the issue or request. We have a process in which the customer success contact can report any items that need to be escalated to the CS lead. The CS lead meets regularly with development and product teams to address these types of hot items that need to be resolved quickly.


II. Enhancements will often need a Project Manager and/or Account Manager:

Occasionally you may have an enhancement request and/or issue that is more project oriented. When this situation arises, your account manager will engage with a PM and occasionally a Sales Rep.

*Note – It may not be the same PM or Sales Rep that you worked with originally, although we always try to make those resources align when possible.


Examples of enhancements where PM might need to be be involved:

  • You would like to add additional logic to existing custom functionality.
  • You have a custom business need/problem that requires elastic to develop functionality to address/resolve.
  • You would like to add an additional module to your site, such as Collections Builder, or Online Payment Portal, or credit card processing.
  • You’re changing ERPs or other system integration processes.


What about ‘nice to have’ enhancements?

For items that are more in the realm of suggested improvements to the elastic platform and not a high priority or must have, work through your customer success account manager. They will open these tickets, which will be reviewed by the company’s enhancement committee.


III. Rep and Retailer Training:

Platform training is a key component to elastic adoption success.


By now you should have engaged in some type of user training. If you’re looking for elastic assistance with follow-up rep and/or retailer platform user training we have a couple of options:


Self Help – Please review the rep and retailer toolkits on the elastic support site. You may find self-help content here that can prove sufficient. For example, if you have a new rep or rep agency, they might be able to quickly review our getting started videos and/or attend an upcoming webinar. We are also frequently offering retailer specific webinars to make sure new retailers or those needing a refresher (or even advanced) review of elastic, can sign up.


Assisted – If you’d like help from one of our training specialists, let your account manager know of your requests and they will engage the appropriate resources to achieve what is needed.


*Admin site training should be provided before Go LIVE, by your PM and/or could be provided by your customer success manager post Go LIVE as needed.