Front-End Changes

  • (#8477) Default Sort selection based on catalog setting
  • (#4746) Show customer name in print job widget
  • (#9027) Dashboard search does not work
  • (#9028) Incorrect Sales program check box
  • (#9038) Items not showing in Quick Order mode
  • (#9002) Sales program page: Error: Missing translation for upcharge in locale
  • (#9053) L type ATS not allowing non-blocking inventory
  • (#9078) Scroller no longer displays Highlights
  • (#8984) Images for dropped style/colors

Back-End Changes

  • (#5652) Refine restrictions on deleting / disabling a rep user
  • (#9079) Mass Share modal: can_share_with should be sent regardless of rep2rep sharing being enabled
  • (#9080) VISIBLE TO catalog setting is ignored when determining if an order can be shared to a dealer
  • (#9088) Send customer name with print job requests
  • (#8895) Import Currency Code parameter as a TAG GROUP in Sales Program
  • (#9187) Product Videos not showing
  • (#9189) Duplicate PO Checks must happen when transitioning to review
  • (#9190) [CSP] Provide User Friendly Error message on Duplicate PO
  • (#9214) [mobile] Optional setting to ensure unique mobile location numbers