The recommended scanner for use with barcode scanning is an EYOYO barcode scanner. This scanner allows scans to be done from paper and computer screens. There are two methods to connecting the scanner to a device that we recommend, wired and bluetooth. NOTE: While scanning barcodes you need to have the barcode scanning screen as your active window for inputs to register. Before scanning clicking into the window can help ensure they are registering.


  1. Using the provided charging cord connect the scanner to a USB port on your device.
  2. The scanner should be recognized as a keyboard/input device.
  3. You are now ready to scan!


  1. Turn on bluetooth on your device and allow it to search for new devices
  2. Turn on scanner by pressing the top power button
  3. Scan the Bluetooth HID Pairing Mode barcode provided in the user manual to enter paring mode or Hold down the bottom scan button for 8 seconds
  4. The Scanner will show two flashing blue lights if in pairing mode
  5. The Scanner should now show discoverable on your device and select Connect/Pair on your device to pair
  6. The Scanner will beep then show a solid blue light to indicate it is now connected
  7. You are now ready to scan!