In the Elastic Admin (CSP) associated customers can be setup giving a single user the ability to switch between multiple customer accounts. This is a great feature for buyers for multiple customers without having to login as separate users for each account number.


1. Login with your admin user to the backend Admin CSP and using the tabs go to Admin -> Users.

2. Filter and find the user you would like to add an associated customer to and select 'Edit'.

3. In the Associated Customers field enter in the account #'s you wish the user to have access to be sure to use the following format ["X1","X2","X3"]. X1, X2, and X3 being separate unique account numbers. In the example below the user has access to customers HOMEOFF, COR1011, ZUROUT1 and FMJPEA1


4. Select Update User to save changes

Changing Customers from Front-End site

1. Login to your brands site and select your name in the top right to open up a small menu

2. If your user has an Associated Customer setup there will be a selection to Switch Customer, selecting it will give you all the customers setup in the Admin (CSP) with the current customer selected being greyed out.

3. Each customer will still retain their permissions for each account.