New Features

Back-End Changes

  • (#6380) Clearer subject lines to differentiate between environments in emails
  • (#7341) Increased consistency of access to technology icon assets
  • (#7249) Added support for separate Customer Tags import file
  • (#7419) Added support for separate Product Tags import file
  • (#7460) Fixed issue causing CSP User Report to error on export
  • (#7666) Fixed issue causing alternate images to not display on Whiteboard printout
  • (#7673) Added ability for variation tags to show in Whiteboard printouts

Front-End Changes

  • (#6782) Added ability to add alternate images on Whiteboards
  • (#7003) Fixed issue causing Sales Programs that are defaulting as applied not showing checked
  • (#7048) Added scroll arrows for the browser tags in view catalog
  • (#6827) Moved the zoom and zoom out to the top of the Whiteboard menu
  • (#7100) Added spacing for Product designation/status in card view
  • (#6803) Improved drop ship error message when not a verified address
  • (#7156) Added ability to sort by style number
  • (#6807) Removed Sales Program screen when no Sales Programs are available during checkout
  • (#7256) Added ability to see all checkout pages on submitted orders