The 'Print Jobs' tab in the Elastic Admin (CSP) will bring you to a page which will display all print jobs made on your portal along with the Name, Author Name, Created at, Completed at, Type, and State of each print job.

There are three different states your print job can display as Running (your print job is processing), Completed (your print job successfully processed), and Error (your print job was unable to be processed).

This table can be filtered using the Filters on the right side to help find specific print jobs. It can also be sorted by Name, Author Name, and State by clicking on the column you wish to sort by.

At the bottom of the page you will find different methods for exporting your table either in a .csv or viewable in XML and JSON formats. To export only specific print jobs you will want to filter and sort your table before exporting.

Clicking on the name of any order will open a new page with Print Job Details for that specific print job. Depending on the state of your print job you will be given some additional options. 

Completed - You will be given an option to download the print job straight from the admin site. This is a useful tool for brand admins in finding print jobs without having to login as the user and downloading from the front end of the site. Simply by clicking on the link next to download will start the download.

Error - You will receive the last error on what caused your print job to not complete. This can be useful information to provide to support to help gather what may be causing your print jobs to not complete.