New Features

Back-End Changes

  • (#6768) Issue displaying orders in 'Final Submission' not displaying in the 'Orders Report' fixed
  • (#4282) User product permissions of nil was causing unexpected behavior, added dummy values to populate these permissions
  • (#5125) Added ability to delete draft orders from the Admin CSP
  • (#6874) Changes to wording and links updated on welcome email
  • (#6939) Quantity column on order confirmations changed to left-justification for default template
  • (#6876) Updated logic in whiteboard product pricing to match output pricing
  • (#7066) Rake task implemented that queries orders in final submission with state 'unsubmitted'
  • (#6600) Fixed issue where Email overrides were broken
  • (#7060) Sales program import file updated

Front-End Changes

  • (#6415) Fixed error preventing view to switch from 8-up to 1-up in view catalog
  • (#5918) Added ability to hide the checkout page 'Cancel Date' based on user's region
  • (#6478) Updated Japanese translation requests
  • (#6314) Fixed [Chrome] Checkout screen "Copy Down" and "Copy to All" button not displaying properly
  • (#4307) Added ability to sort by price in quick order
  • (#6223) Fixed issue affecting order grid, where clear quantities wouldn't clear values in a copied row
  • (#6242) Updated identification of tracking numbers in order history
  • (#6321) Fixed issue where warning icons were displaying wrong available on date
  • (#6602) Added ability to change order of facets in summary column by dragging between other facets
  • (#6680) Fixed issue allowing quantity to be entered before available on date
  • (#6731) Updated share modal to retain selections after clicking cancel/close
  • (#6765) Updated ability to copy/paste on new whiteboard pages
  • (#6919Fixed issue causing multi line named assets to cause gaps in the custom catalogue builder
  • (#7017) Added default sort by customer name in the new order customer search
  • (#7054) Added support for share modal selections to persist (for orders)
  • (#7024) Fixed issue causing text to appear in images
  • (#7092) Updated display of groups for the sales programs in the apply discount page
  • (#7134) Removed automatic shipments in the view a catalog pathway