A feature of 'Users' in Admin is the ability to use a user class to maintain the additional users associated with the account they are in charge of. Admins in this user class are able to enable/disable and delete accounts from the dashboard. For example a shop owner has a number of employees who are users of elastic. An employee leaves the company, the shop owner wants to disable the account. They can bring up the User Manager in the dashboard and disable or delete their account.

To designate an Account Manager in the Elastic Admin (CSP), browse to Users -> Filter and find user you want to be admin -> Change Account Manager Yes/No

Only Account Manager's will see User Manager in the dashboard

How to Enable/Disable User's using the User Management in Dashboard

Login to Elastic Suite brand front end -> Select Start Working Dropdown -> Under Settings, Select User Manager

This will bring you into the User Manager screen, you will see all users attached to your account, who is an account manager, the ability to Enable/Disable, and delete user by pressing the red X icon on the far right of the users name (this is permanent and will need to be added in the Admin CSP to remake).