The last report in the Reports of the Admin CSP is the Users Report. This report is a great way to find metrics on users in your brands portal for admins. 

There are several leaderboards that will populate with the most recent data these leaderboards include the User Leaderboard which shows the top users by activity (activity is determined by the total of login count, collections, orders, and whiteboards). There is the Regional Leaderboard which will show login counts by different regions in your brand portal. Customer Account Leaderboard will show the accounts with the highest number of logins (this is determined by the logins of each user associated with that account). Last is the Rep Account Leaderboard which shows the reps with the most logins between them and their customers.

You can also change the parameters to get more specific information by changing the values in the boxes at the top or select the All Time box to get leaderboards from the beginning of Elastic's use.

At the bottom of the page you will find the output to XLS function where you can input either a date range or select the radio button All Time for all records. Then selecting Download Report will create a print job you can find in the Print Jobs of Admin (CFP). This will give you a download in an .xlsx format.