Program groups are used within sales programs to prevent multiple sales programs granting discounts to the same order or line items. When the program groups are used, only one of the sales programs in the same group can be selected or achieved. Sales program groups can be set up in the Elastic Admin portal.

A program group consists of two elements:

  1. Name: Used as the identified of the group
  2. Exclusivity Group: This option can be used to prevent Elastic from applying multiple discounts to the same item or order. If multiple sales programs could give a discount on the same product, exclusivity priority tells Elastic to only apply the lowest value sales program. Lower values in this field are considered a higher priority.
  3. Position: Position can be used to control the order in which the sales program groups will be displayed to the user.

Once you create a group, it's visible and can be applied to a sales program in the header section. Programs with no defined tier will be displayer together. The user will be able to select one of the options.


Tiers allow you to create a sales program to have different discounts based on the value of the order. The most common example is a percentage based discount on different value orders, for example 5% out of orders of 500-999$, 7% for orders of 1000-1499$, and 10% off of orders over 150$. 

In this example the tiered discount is based in the amount of units purchased. The user gets better discounts the more they purchase. Because the products are in the same group, Volume Discount, they are displayed together. Tier tells Elastic to hide the lower tier programs once the higher tiers have been achieved. 

Since the sales programs Preseason and Volume Off are in different sales program groups, all three sales programs can be achieved and used at the same time.

In the unachieved sales program, the customer sees two more volume discounts available. Since the user has achieved the 200 units level, the lowest, 100 units sales program is no longer displayed as an option.

When the sales programs are in the same group, but don't have a tier defined, they become options the client can choose from. 

When the sales programs in the same group have a tier, Elastic will not give the user an option to choose between the programs. The program with the lowest tier sequence number will be selected automatically. This is why it's important to sequence the programs correctly, so the more beneficial sales programs will continue to show until achieved. 

Exclusivity Groups 

Exclusivity groups can be used to rank sales program groups and prevent two different groups from being applied to the same item or order. In the following example the At Once Discount is ranked higher than the Volume Discount. When the user qualifies for the At Once discount, Volume Discount will not be displayed within the same order.