Each of the different sales programs discount options has some unique features with different set up parameters.

Price Group Upgrade

The price group upgrade option overrides the customer default price group and applies a different price group for the order. An example of this would be an upgrade from standard wholesale price to a price group that has a built in 10% discount from the wholesale levels.

Price group: the price group code to be applied to the order if the sales program conditions are met. 

Apply to: Entire order or only items that match the rules.

Percent on Specific Product Groups

This option allows you to set up a discount based on a group of products. You select the tag group and the values within the tags. This can be useful when the discounted items are different than the products that are used to qualify for the discount. Separate product groups allow you to create discounts, where for example the user gets 10% off of swimwear when they order a certain amount of apparel, but the apparel would remain the original price.

In this example if the percent on specific product groups discount was used together with the 'Total price at least' rule, this discount could be used to create a sales program where if the order value exceeds 10,000, the products in category 'Accessories' are 5% off. 

Another example gives 20% off of items that have the status tag "Discontinued". 

The percent on specific product groups discount requires three field values. 

Tag Group: The tag filter group identifying the products to discount.

Tag Values: The tag within the tag group identifying the products selected for a discount.

Percentage Off: A numeric value representing the discount percentage.


The custom discount option is different from the other sales program award options. Instead of providing a static discount option, it allows your reps to enter custom discount suggestion for their dealers. The custom discount/terms request can be set up to require an approval workflow.

Type: Percentage or amount discount of a qualifying order

Maximum Percent or Amount: The maximum percent or amount value the rep can request

Approver Email: email address the approval requests will be sent to.

Minimum for Approval: The minimum percentage/amount that requires approval. If the request is below this value, no approval is needed. 

Terms Code: A list of valid payment term names/codes the rep can select. 

Custom Terms Date Allowed: Checkbox indicating whether the rep can request a custom payment due date.

In this example the rep can select a percentage discount between 0 and 20 percent. If the requested percentage is less than 11 or lower, the order will be submitted with the requested terms. If the percentage is 12 or higher, Elastic will send an email to john.smith@example.com for approval. The rep will not be able to enter If an order percentage is less than 12, the order will pass directly through. If its 12-20 it will send an email to John Smith and wait for approval. The rep will not be able to enter a discount percent over 20.

Percent or Amount

Awards a percent or a flat discount to either products specified in the rules or the entire order. With the apply rules field you can determine if the discount will be applied to only to the items included in the rules or the entire order. 

Value: The value of the discount. If you're using percent off, enter the value without decimals and the % character.

Type: Percent off, discount amount per item or discount amount per order.

Apply Rules: To specific items or the entire order.

This set up would create a discount where meeting the rules would give a 10 percent discount of the entire order.

Percent on Specific Products

This option allows you to apply a percent off discount on certain products only. The list of products can be published at a style level or by specific SKUs, UPCs or EANs. Multiple values can be entered with a comma in between (style, style, style). The percentage off value will be applied only to the products listed.

Level: The level of the items in the value list, either style, SKY/EAN/UPC or alternate size.

Values: Comma separated list of style numbers or SKUs/EANs/UPCs.

Percentage Off: A numeric value to represent the discount applied, without the % character.


Unlike the other discounts, the term award doesn't change the final price of the order. This sales program reward applies a specific invoice payment term to the invoice. It can be used to set better payment terms than the customer has by default, for example 10% 60 Net 61 or Net 90.

Terms: Description of the awarded terms visible to the end user.

Terms Code: A code that can be passed back to your ERP system, for example N90 for term Net 90.

Apply To: You can apply the term discount to either items that match the rules or the entire order.